WFB International Buddhist Forum 2021 – Wisdom of The Buddha: The Path to Happiness

World Fellowship of Buddhists International Forum 2021

Wisdom of The Buddha: The Path to Happiness

The Buddhist Union, Singapore and The World Fellowship of Buddhists jointly presents An International Buddhist Forum.
Date: 27 November 2021
Time: 9am – 6pm

Recorded Forum

Please click the link to watch the forum on The Buddhist Union YouTube Channel

Join us as the distinguished speakers shine the path of light on how to practise the Dhamma towards the path of happiness.

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09.00am – 09.30am Open Ceremony
09.30am – 10.00am Wisdom of The Buddha : The Path to Happiness
Keynote Speaker: Ven Seck Kwang Phing
10.00am – 10.15am Break
10.15am – 11.30am Morality, Concentration and Wisdom
Ven Dr Shi Chuan Sheng, Dr Kweh Soon Han
Moderator: Ven Shi KaiChen
11.30am – 12.45pm Lunch
12.45pm – 2.45pm Karma and Its Purification
Ven Dr Heng Sure, Bhante Mahinda, Ven Shi Chuan Xian
Moderator: Ven Dr Shi Chuan Sheng
2.45pm – 3.00pm Break
3.00pm – 5.00pm Healing in Buddhism – Theravada & Mahayana Perspectives
Ven Dr Heng Sure, Ven Shi KaiChen, Dato Ang Choo Hong
Moderator: Dr Kweh Soon Han
5.00pm – 6.00pm Practising Buddhism in 21st Century
Ven Dr Phra Anil Sakya

Venerable Seck Kwang Phing
Ven Seck Kwang Phing (释广品)
Venerable Seck Kwang Phing (释广品) is the President of The Singapore Buddhist Federation and appointed Council Member serving in the Presidential Council for Religious Harmony. Venerable Kwang Phing is also the Abbot of Zu Lin Temple of Singapore. The Venerable graduated from Nanyang University in 1978. After his ordination in 1980, he went over to Taiwan, Thailand, Sri Lanka to seek Dharma guidance and studies. Venerable Kwang Phing was conferred the Contribution Award by His Excellency President of Sri Lanka and also the Leadership Awards by His Holiness of Deputy Sangha Raja of Thailand in 2012. Venerable was conferred with PBM by The President of Singapore in 2014 and The Golden Pagoda Award by The Thai King in recognition of Venerable’s contribution to Buddhist Dharma Works in 2019.

Ven Dr Phra Anil Sakya
Venerable Dr Anil Sakya
Venerable Dr Anil Sakya (Royal given Ecclesiastical name ‘Phra Dharmashakyavamshavisuddhi’) is the Rector of the World Buddhist University under the World Fellowship of Buddhists and Vice-President of Mahamakut Buddhist University. He is the Dhammayut Ecclesiastical Governor for Regional No. 6 – 7 supervising eight northern provinces of Thailand.Venerable Dr Anil serves as visiting professor in many universities both in Thailand and abroad. He was born into the Sakya Clan of the Lord Buddha in Nepal. He represents the modern face of Theravada Buddhism, a bridge between the monastic’s principled authority and the ever-changing realities of secular existence.

Ven Dr Phra Anil Sakya
Venerable Dr Heng Sure
Venerable Dr Heng Sure is an American Buddhist monk, currently stationed in Queensland, Australia. He is a senior disciple of the late Chan Master Hsuan Hua, and is currently the director of the Berkeley Buddhist Monastery, a branch monastery of the Dharma Realm Buddhist Association. He is best known for a Three Steps, One Bow pilgrimage, seeking for world peace, He and a monk companion travelled a distance of 800 miles, over two years and six months, from 1977–1979.Venerable Dr Heng Sure earned an MA degree in Oriental Languages from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1976 and a PhD in Religion from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, in 2003.

Bhante Mahinda
Bhante Mahinda
Bhante Mahinda, born in Malaysia, was ordained in 1976 as a Buddhist monk under the tutelage of the late Venerable Dr K. Sri Dhammananda Nayaka Thera. Bhante Mahinda is Abbot of the Aloka Meditation Centre, Founder and Spiritual Director of Australian Buddhist Mission Inc. (ABM) and Spiritual Advisor to the Aloka Community Inc. (ACI).Bhante Mahinda is also General Advisor to the Buddhist Missionary Society, Malaysia; Founder and Spiritual Director of Aloka Foundation, Malaysia; and advisor to a number of other Buddhist organisations in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Venerable Chuan Sheng
Venerable Dr Shi Chuan Sheng (释传圣)
Venerable Dr Shi Chuan Sheng obtained his BA (Honours) in History from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and PhD in History and East Asian Languages from Harvard University. Specialising in Asian history and East Asian international relations, he was an academic staff of NUS for 26 years, before receiving his higher ordination in Taiwan in 2013.Venerable Dr Shi Chuan Sheng was ordained as a Buddhist monk under Venerable Kwang Sheng, at Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. His interests in Buddhist Studies include Pure Land Buddhism and mindfulness meditation. Venerable Dr Shi Chuan Sheng is also an Associate Professor and Vice Rector (Academic Affairs and Advisor) of Buddhist College of Singapore.

Ven Chuan Xian
Venerable Shi Chuan Xian(释传显
Venerable Shi Chuan Xian received his tonsure in 1991 under Senior Venerable Sik Wai Yim (上惟下俨上人) of Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery. He graduated from Yuan Kuang Buddhist College in Taiwan in 1998. In the earlier years after graduation, he served in various capacities with Leng Foong Prajna Temple, Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery and Singapore Buddhist Federation and also oversaw their Dharma Propagation Programmes.From 2005 to 2014, Venerable was appointed as the Abbot of Leng Foong Prajna Temple. In 2015, he took up the post as Deputy Abbotship in Senai Guan Yin Ting Temple, Malaysia. Presently, the Venerable is the President of Prajna Vihara (般若净苑).

Ven KaiChen
Venerable Shi KaiChen (释开成)
Venerable Shi KaiChen (释开成法师) received his tonsure in late 90s under Senior Venerable Seck Boon Keng and then proceeded to receive his Higher Ordination in that same year under Vinaya Preceptor Senior Venerable Dao Hai.

The Venerable graduated from Yuan Kuang Buddhist College in Taiwan in 2004. Upon graduation, he helped to serve the Buddhist College by overseeing the students’ affairs from 2004 to 2007. Thereafter, Venerable continues to serve in different Buddhist organisations.

Dato Ang Choo Hong
Dato Ir’ Ang Choo Hong
Dato’ Ir. Ang Choo Hong (Malaysia) is the author of Buddhist books such as Perspectives of Buddhism, Religious Life in Contemporary Society, I Speak the Truth, Rowing in the Dharma Sea, Wesak as a Public Holiday in Malaysia and Its Social Psychological Significance, his latest book is Dhamma-based Leadership.

Dato Ang holds a B.Eng (Hon) degree from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, a Master of Science (Engineering ) degree from Universiti Malaya, a Diploma in Management Science from National Institute of Public Administration and a certificate in Oil Hydraulic Engineering from Kitakyushu International Centre (Japan). He is also the Executive Committee Member of the World Fellowship of Buddhists.

Dr Kweh Soon Han
Dr Kweh Soon Han
Dr Kweh Soon Han is a lawyer by profession and lectures law at the ACCA and Murdoch University programmes in Singapore. He obtained his Bachelor of Laws (Hons) and Master of Laws from the National University of Singapore and a Doctorate in Education from University of Durham (U.K).

Dr Kweh is an active Buddhist with voluntary positions in organisations. He is an elected Council Member and the Vice-Chairman of the Dharma Propagation Division at the Singapore Buddhist Federation and Advisor to the Pa Auk (Forest) Meditation Centre, Singapore. He has given Dharma Talks at various Buddhist temples, societies, schools and tertiary institutions.

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