Venerable Seck Kong Poh

Venerable Seck Kong Poh

The late Venerable Seck Kong Poh (1914 – 1986) was very closely associated with The Buddhist Union since its inception. As Brahmacari Dhammarakshita and President of the Buddhist Union, it was natural that he was looked up to for his guidance when the founder and leader Venerable Dhammasukha passed on on 3rd July 1966. Supported by dedicated members and devotees, he worked indefatigably to build up and promote the aims and objectives of the Union.



His Ordination

In 1971, the late Mr Tan Kim Teck, the Union’s president, was ordained as a Mahayana monk, Ven Seck Kong Poh at Phor Kark See temple at Bright Hill Crescent, Singapore. Venerable Seck Kong Poh went about fulfilling the wish of the Union’s Founder, the late Ven. Dhammasukha, to build a new new two-storey building with a shrine hall for the Union. The building was officially declared open and blessed by Venerable Seck Hong Choon, Abbot of Phor Kark See and other high monks.



His Contributions

Like the late Venerable Dhammasukha before him, the late Venerable Seck Kong Poh was a dedicated disciple of the Buddha. He was also respected among his brotherhood of monks of the Mahayana and Theravada Orders.


In spite of the heavy religious duties he performed, he never lacked the energy to serve the community in other ways. He was a Member of the Board of Visitors, a Government body. He was the Secretary of the Singapore Buddhist Sangha Organisation and as a Committee Member of the Singapore Buddhist Free Clinics. He was a Council Member of the Inter-Religious Organisation, Singapore.


It is with great respect that this tribute is paid to his memory for his contribution and role during the past twenty years from 1966 to 1986.


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