Venerable Bao Shi and Venerable Bao Tong

Venerable Seck Bao Shi

Venerable Sek Bao Shi (释宝实), a Peranakan Hokkien Buddhist educated at a Catholic School,
Resigned after 17 years working in the civil service.
Ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1981 by the late Venerable Hong Choon, abbot of the Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. Took the Triple Platform Ordination in 1988 under Master Hsing Yun at the Hsi Lai Temple in Los Angeles. President of The Buddhist Union since 2000 & Sakyadhita since 1994. Founded the Sakyadhita – NKF Dialysis Centre.

Venerable Seck Bao Tong

Venerable Sek Bao Tong (释宝通), born to a Cantonese family was educated at the Cedar Girls Sec School. Worked in Government & Semi – Government Departments before being ordained in 1985.
Took the Triple Platform Ordination in 1988 at Hsi Lai Temple, Los Angeles under Master Hsing Yun. Co-founder of Sakyadhita – NKF Dialysis Centre. Vice-President of The Buddhist Union & Sakyadhita.

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