Past Event – Qing Ming Festival 清明超度法会 2018

Qing Ming Festival 清明超度法会 2018
日期:4月5日至8日(农历二月二十日至二十三日 )
地点: 佛教会弘法中心
28 Jalan Senyum
Singapore 418152

电话: 6241 9419

Qing Ming Memorial Service 2018

The traditional Qing Ming Festival is observed by many Chinese Buddhists because of its roots in the teachings of filial piety.

The Buddhist Union will observe this annual festival from 5 April to 8 April 2018 . During this 4-day period, services will be conducted.

Kindly note that the Final Service will be held on 8 April 2018 (Sunday ) .



  • $20/- per name of the departed or
  • $50/- for a maximum of 3 names of departed

If you wish to contribute towards the services held during the Qing Ming period, kindly indicate by ticking at the Reply Slip and return it to us by latest 2 April 2018.

Contributions will be at $20/- per name of the departed or $50/- for a maximum of 3 names of deceased.

Your generous support in the maintenance of our Temple will be appreciated.

Note: A temporary altar will be set up at the basement for this 4-day period , and after which offerings will be made as per normal.


清明节是华人重要的传统节日之一,是一个慎终追远、弘扬孝道的日子,这与佛法提倡的孝道精神是一致的。佛教会将于2018年4月5日至8日启建清明节超度法会,并订2018年4月8日 (星期日,农历二月二十三日 )为法会圆满日。




  • 1位20元
  • 3位50元

您若想为作古先人或往生至亲超荐,请填妥回条,并于2018年4月2日 前寄回本会即可 (超度一位先人20元,3位50元) 。 法会所得功德款将充当本会的维修经费。


欢迎莅临        同沾法喜

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