Past Event – 药师法会 Medicine Buddha Dharma Function

Sunday Service 周末共修

Date 日期 :  23/9, 30/9, 7/10, 14/10, 21/10, 28/10, 4/11
Time 时间 :  10am – 12noon

Birthday of Medicine Buddha Dharma Function


Date 日期 :  7/11/2018 (Wed)
Time 时间 :  9am – 12.30pm

药师法会 Medicine Buddha Dharma Function

The Buddhist Union will hold our annual Medicine Buddha Dharma Function with a 49-day sutra recitation session and light offering.
It commences on 20 Sep 2018 and culminates on 7 Nov 2018 to commemorate the sacred birthday of Medicine Buddha.
Come and join us in the recitation of the Medicine Buddha Sutra, blessing you and your family with good health and a peaceful and successful life. We offer prayers to repay our gratitude for the Buddha’s teachings and with the virtues of the Dharma Function, dedicate the merits for world peace and prosperity for the country.
May all sentient beings receive the flavour of Dharma and together attain Bodhi.
地点: 佛教会
Venue: The Buddhist Union
28 Jalan Senyum (near Kembangan MRT)
Singapore 418152
Tel: 62419419
All are welcome!


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