Past Event – 新春庆祝 Lunar New Year Celebration 2019

Offerings to the Buddhas and The Heavenly Realm

The above service will be conducted by Sangha members on 10/2/2019 (1st Moon 6th Day) at 8.30am. Prayers are offered to the Buddhas and Sakra for good health and happiness. If you wish to participate in this blessing services, kindly fill in the form and return to us by 20 Jan 2019. The contribution is as follows: $50 per family, $30 per name.
All are welcome to join in this service.
We wish you a Happy and Prosperous Year.


本会恭请法师大德于10/2/2019 (正月初六) 上午八点半,在本会举行己亥年新春供佛斋天法会,祈求诸天菩萨慈悲加持世界太平,灾难永息六时吉祥,所求遂意。如果您有意参加祈福法会,请填妥报报名表格,并于20/1/2019 寄交本会即可。一个合家50元,一个名字30元。欢迎各界莅临拈香,共沾法喜。敬祝新春吉祥如意,福慧增长。
Venue 地点:The BuddhistUnion 佛教会
28 Jalan Senyum
Singapore 418152
Tel 电话: 6241 9419
email 电邮:

Lunar New Year Programme

4/02/2019 (Mon) Lunar New Year Eve

10.30 am: Offerings to the Buddhas, followed by offerings at the Memorial Hall.
10.30 pm – 12.00 Midnight: Midnight Service ushering in the New Year

5/02/2019 (Tue) 1st day of 1st Lunar month

10.30 am: Offerings to the Buddhas / Blessing service

10/02/2019 (Sun) 6th day of 1st Lunar month

8.30 am: Offerings to the Buddhas & The Heavenly Realm
Chanting of Diamond Sutra
1.00 pm: New Year Gathering
Vegetarian Lunch “Lo Hei”


4/02/2019 (星期一)农历除夕

上午十点半:上供 -大殿

5/02/2019 (星期二)农历正月初一


10/02/2019 (星期日)农历正月初六

上午八点半: 新春供佛斋天
下午一点: 新春大团圆 特备素午宴 “捞起”

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