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WFB International Buddhist Forum 2021 – Wisdom of The Buddha: The Path to Happiness

World Fellowship of Buddhists International Forum 2021

Wisdom of The Buddha: The Path to Happiness The Buddhist Union, Singapore and The World Fellowship of Buddhists jointly presents An International Buddhist Forum. Date: 27 November 2021 Time: 9am – 6pm Recorded Forum Please click the link to watch the forum on The Buddhist Union YouTube Channel Join us as the distinguished speakers shine […]

Guanyin Renunciation Day Dharma Function 观音宝诞法会

17/10/2019, (Thur) 农历9月19日 观音宝诞 Guanyin Bodhisattva Renunciation Day10am – Recitation of Great Compassion Mantra, Universal Door Chapter and Medicine Buddha Sutra恭诵《大悲咒》,《普门品》及《药师琉璃本愿功德经》 18/10/2019, (Fri) and 19/10/2019 (Sat) 农历9月20,21日8am-4.30pm – Recitation of The Lotus Sutra恭诵《大乘妙法莲华经》 20/10/2019 (Sun) 农历9月22日10am – Recitation of Medicine Buddha Sutra恭诵《药师琉璃本愿功德经》

Transmission of 5 Precepts & Bodhisattva Precepts 传授在家五戒瑜伽菩萨戒

Notes on Transmission of Precepts: 传戒日期:阳历2019年12月6日(Fri)至12月8日(Sun)(Afternoon) 出堂农历十一月十一(星期五)至十一月十三(星期日)(下午)出堂Date :6 Dec 2019 (Fri) to 8 Dec 2019 (ends Sun afternoon) 传戒地点: 佛教会Venue : The Buddhist Union28 Jalan Senyum Singapore 418152 (near Kembangan MRT) 1. 报名日期:即日起至12月1日止Registration Date: Now open until 1 Dec 2019 2. 受戒资格:皈依三宝,正信佛教,身心健康、无不良嗜好者,皆可报名参加Precepts Eligibility: Applicants who have taken the Three Refuges, physically healthy and with good […]