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The Buddhist Union (BU) is formed to propagate the Buddha-Dhamma among the English-speaking section of the Chinese community.


– With Peace to All Beings –


The Buddhist Union Logo

The Buddhist Union logo comprises of two concentric circles and an emerging pink lotus flanked by the expression of the name of the institution in English and Mandarin. This significant logo epitomises the universal truth of life which is immersed in the sufferings of the samsaric realms as expounded by Shakyamuni Buddha.


The space between the two concentric lines represents samsara which all sentient beings are subjected to the elements of suffering, impermanence and impersonality. The outer circle represents the three (3) poisons of greed, hatred and ignorance, which all unenlightened sentient beings possess to a certain extent, accentuates the causes of the cyclical rebirth in samsara.


However, there is a glimmer of hope as exemplified by the wonderful pink lotus encircled by the smaller inner circle. This inner circle represents the antidote to the 3 poisons, namely, generosity, loving kindness and wisdom. The lotus symbolizes our True Mind with roots in mundane soil but untouched by mud and defilements. The lotus stands for Buddhism, immersed in the universal truth of suffering, but transcending it. The bloom of the wondrous lotus represents the four qualities of Enlightenment – eternity, purity, bliss and personal.


The words Buddhist Union (in English and Chinese) reflects our continuing efforts in propagating the Buddha-Dharma in bilingual language to our society by large and to all Buddhists in particular.


In gist, the Buddhist Union logo embodies our unwavering principle, that is, our discerning nature to pursue the Truth to transcend the vicious cycle of samsara and to attain Buddhahood as what the symbolic lotus does.




  • as a community that seeks to pursue the path of the Truth as presented by our original Teacher – Shakyamuni Buddha;
  • as a community that strives to cultivate the Teachings and virtues of Buddhism;
  • as a community that advocates to propagate the Buddha-Dharma.


The Buddhist Union is located at three premises.

  1. Main Temple – at 28 Jalan Senyum
  2. Memorial Hall – at 29 Jalan Senyum
  3. Dharma Centre – at 43 Lowland Road


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