The Buddhist Union 3-Day Amitabha Cultivation 佛教会弥陀宝诞佛三精进修

Date : 21 to 23 Dec 2018
日期:      2018年12月21日至23日(农历十一月十五日至十七日)


Dharma Service 法会

Date 日期: 21/12/2018 (Fri 星期五) & 22/12/2018 (Sat 星期六)
Time 时间: 9am-6pm (上午9点至下午6点)


Birthday of Amitabha Buddha Dharma Service 弥陀诞辰法会

Transmission of Eight Precepts 传受八关斋戒

Date 日期: 23/12/2018 (Sun 星期日)
Time 时间: 7.30am-8.30pm (上午7点半至下午8点半)


The Buddhist Union 3-Day Amitabha Cultivation

The Buddhist Union will organise a 3-Day spiritual cultivation to usher in the auspicious birthday of Amitabha Buddha. There will be transmission of the Eight Precepts on the third day. Relying on the great vows of Amitabha Buddha, may the wisdom of all beings awaken to the elimination of unwholesome karma and together certified to unsurpassed Bodhi.
If you wish to participate in the Transmission of Eight Precepts, please call The Buddhist Union at Tel 62419419 for registration. All are welcome.
欢迎大众报名参加八关斋戒,有意者请来电 62419419预先报名。

Venue: The Buddhist Union
地点: 佛教会
28 Jalan Senyum
Singapore 418152