药师法会 Medicine Buddha Dharma Function

Sunday Service 周末共修

Date 日期 :  23/9, 30/9, 7/10, 14/10, 21/10, 28/10, 4/11
Time 时间 :  10am – 12noon

Birthday of Medicine Buddha Dharma Function


Date 日期 :  7/11/2018 (Wed)
Time 时间 :  9am – 12.30pm

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Jan – Dec 2017 Buddhist Union Newsletter

The Jan – Dec 2017 Buddhist Union Newsletter is out!

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《楞严经之诠释》课程 - 长清法师

上课日期: 2016年1月24日
上课时间: 下午3点至4点半
上课地点: 佛教会弘法中心
The Buddhist Union Dharma Centre
43 Lowland Road (Near Kovan MRT)
Singapore 547444
询问 : 6281 9776
报名费 : 会员$20/非会员$30(每12堂课)
截止日期: 2016年1月17日

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Effort Is Necessary To Avoid Suffering
Like a thoroughbred horse touched by the whip, be strenuous, be filled with spiritual yearning.
By faith and moral purity, by effort and meditation,
by investigation of the truth, by being rich in knowledge and virtue,
and by being mindful, destroy this unlimited suffering.
- Dhammapada X. Dandavagga: Violence :: Verse 144